"From my Collection"
Some interesting examples from our collections



Last week's entry featured cards proclaiming the almost universal benefits to be obtained from Marienbad tablets.


This week's entry moves forward more than 50 years to some graphic claims being made for Festal in this "Dear Doctor Letter" from Hong Kong to the USA. The letter itself is written as if it was a personal letter and the advertising and all you want to know about bloating and flatulence appears in the PS.


As advertising material, this item qualified for the cheaper Printed Matter rate of 15 cents rather than the foreign Letter rate of 40 cents.


The stamp comes from the first Queen Elizabeth II definitives released in 1954. As with the previous King George VI stamps, these used the Queen Victoria design dating from 1862.


This design had the denomination shown only in words (contrary to UPU requirements?) but the 15c stamp used did conform to the UPU Colour coding scheme (abolished in 1954) whereby stamps for the foreign Printed Matter rate should be green.    


Hong Kong dear Dr letter contentsIMG_202
Hong Kong Dear Dr letter MG_20200903_000