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Although no one person can be credited with radio'ss invention, Marconi’s first transmissions in 1895 mark the start of experimental broadcasting leasing to the rapid expansion of the 1920s – 100.000 radio sets were sold in the United States in 1922, by 1929 it was  4.9 million.


Picking up new radio stations became popular in the 1920s and as explained in the accompanying sheet, the EKKO Company of Chicago was the first to produce stamps and albums encouraging radio listeners to become stamp collectors.


Publicity, interest and sales were generated by “Radio Shows” around the country. Detroit held its first Radio Show in 1921. There may have been earlier shows but by 1925 the “Radio Show” was an established annual event in many cities throughout the United States.

In turn, these shows generated another variant of "Cinderella" collecting - poster stamps promting these events as shown on the second sheet.






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