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In the recent contribution to this series - The Rise of the Postcard, reference was made to the introduction of the divided back card that enabled messages to be writen on the address side of a card.

The acceptance of such cards was phased over a number of years in the early part of the last century - often starting with domestic mail only.

This example shows an extreme example on a postcard sent from Germany to Finland in 1899, before the regulations were relaxed.

However interesting the message, it hardly does justice to the lady pictured on the card - the German actress Charlotte Baste (1867-1928). A member of the Hoftheater Dresden and holder of the Saxe Coburg-Gotha Golden Cross of Merit, she was also awarded the Oldenburg Medal for Art and Science and the Royal Saxon Great Golden Medal Bene Merentibus on the ribbon of the Albrecht Order.

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