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Many collectors occasionally come across something that just appeals even though it doesn't exactly fit in with their particular collecting interests.


Our member says that this ½d Queen Victoria postcard caught his eye because it was adressed to Cowper Road, Harpenden close by his home and the message is a reminder of the days of frequent collections and deliveries when the post could be confidently used like today's text or phone to arrange something the following day. In this case the event was a picnic at nearby Someries Castle, near today's Luton Airport. "Ch Gn" mentioned in the message is the  long-closed railway station, Chiltern Green.


Chiltern Green station was on the Midland Railway main line north of Harpenden near to Luton Hoo, but it was hardly a typical Thameslink commuter station. On weekdays in the summer of 1951 only six trains stopped there, and the first southbound train was not until 11.27am. Not surprisingly it closed on 7 April 1952.


We don't know whether Miss Dickinson joined the picnic but in 2006 our member and his wife sought to re-create the outing mentioned on the card by walking from Cowper Road to Someries Castle, passing what remained of Chiltern Green station on the way.

Someries castle 2006 final.jpg
Someries Castle 2006
16 September 1891
Postcard from St Albans to Harpenden
ST ALBANS 675 Duplex cancellation
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