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Music as a thematic subject can include several different categories, such as Instruments, Performers,

Opera, Dance, Folk and Popular music, Jazz and Film. However, the largest number of stamps feature Composers.


Beethoven is one of the greatest of Western classical composers, and 2020 sees the 250th anniversary of his birth.


Born in Bonn, he moved to Vienna in 1792 and lived there for the rest of his life. The postcard, issued in 1927 by Austria for the centenary of his death, shows places around the city associated with him.

The attached stamp shows another composer, the Austrian Joseph Haydn, who gave Beethoven some lessons: the association was not entirely successful.

The 1926 German issues are from a series of portraits of famous men,         (including Goethe and Schiller), and another set was issued in 1961.

The Saar region of Germany was under French occupation from 1947 to 1956. The stamp is from a set issued in 1949 showing various aspects of industry and culture.

In 1963 a set was issued by France featuring celebrities of various EEC member countries: the Beethoven one shows his birthplace in Bonn and a view of Vienna and the Danube.

An International Music Festival was held annually in Prague, and in 1952 Beethoven was featured with a late portrait and a spray of laurel, a popular design motif for famous people.