"From my Collection"
Some interesting examples from our collections



There are occasions when, having bought a stamp or cover, subsequent examination reveals gives a pleasant surprise - maybe a bonus in the form of a postmark or variety that you didn't expect.


These two postcards of Lambersart and Calais in Northern France were bought because of their tramway interest. It must be said that scenes depicted are not particularly inspiring but, as in Britain, during the postcard craze of the early 20th Century, scenes depicted were not confined to beauty spots.


The unexpected aspect of these two purchases came some years later when looking for material for a display on World War One.


As can be seen the Lamersart Card turned out to be a German Feldpostkarte posted in 1915 and the second a British On Actice Service card posted (and censored) on 28 December 1918 i.e. after the Armistice.

Both proved useful additions to the display.










Better than expected 1 Lambersart.jpg
Better Calais.jpg