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Another dip into the Society 's Postal History Collection. Compared to the elaborate First Day Covers that would flood the market in the 1960s and later, this is a simple affair, it's interest to us being that it was posted at Station Road North Sub Post Office in Harpenden that closed in 2009.

The sender made up the registered letter rate of 4½d by adding a King Edward VIII ½d stamp, issued eight months earlier and rendered obsolescent by the Abdication.


In 1937 the inland letter rate was 1½d but the 1½d definitive did not appear until 30 July 1937, since the Coronation stamp in that denomination was issued on 13 May 1937, The remaining low value defitives up to 1/- were issued at intervals up to 1 May 1939.


The ½d - 3d values were reissued with lighter backgrounds as a wartime economy measure in 1941-42.


The original ½d stamp was issued in coil form but the paler ½d was not issued in coils, probably as a result of the 1940 rate increases that reduced demand for this denomination.

The accompanying unsealed envelope sent to Sweden in 1950 at the 1½d Printed Matter Rate employs a dark green ½d suggesting that the original 1937 coil stamps remained on sale after the ordinary ½d had appeared in the paler colours or that the sender had held on to the old stamps for eight years!

Mixed reigns cover registered Harpenden
1950KGVI halpennies env.jpg