What our hobby has to offer – the choice is yours.







The range of topics in our programme reflects the fact that there is far more to the hobby than the  “stamp collecting” that some may recall from their school days.


As well as collecting

today’s collecting can include

  • History - things like correspondence, the use of railways, ships and ‘planes

  • Collecting by theme - anything that interests you  e.g. trains, flowers, fungus, birds

  • Social philately - teling a story

  • Revenues - stamps for tax purposes                                                                                   

  • Cinderellas - things that look like stamps but aren't

If, by building up your knowledge, you end up with something that retains or increases its value, that is a bonus.

But not only can you choose how to collect, you can also decide how far you want to pursue your interest. Besides working on your collection in your own home, you can, if you wish:

  • enjoy the hunt for those desired items through clubs, fairs, auctions and the internet

  • share your interests with others in a local, national or specialist society

  • give displays and share your

  • enter local, national or international competitions

  • research and write up your subject

We are always happy to give advice and supply further information if desired.

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