The Circulating Packet

This service gives our members the opportunity to

  • Buy or Sell from home

  • Fill those gaps

  • Sell your duplicates

Use of the “Packet” as it is commonly known is entirely free and voluntary – some of our members only buy – some use it just to sell – some don’t use it at all, whilst some of our members stick to the Packet and don’t make it to our monthly meetings – it’s all up to you.




Each “Packet” consists of a box of around eight booklets each containing about ten pages containing  British, Commonwealth or Foreign stamps. These boxes are circulated by hand around two circuits of buying members - one in St. Albans and the other in Harpenden..


Having selected any items you wish to buy, you then take the box to the next member on the list by hand and obtain a signed receipt, which you then pass to the Packet Secretary with your payment for any purchases made.

The boxes must not be sent on by post. In view of this, circulation is normally limited to members living in Harpenden or St Albans.


However, members living further afield may take the packet if they are prepared to collect as well as deliver boxes from/to Harpenden or St Albans, whichever they prefer. 


Members may sell whether or not they are buying from the Packet by obtaining 10 page blank packet books from the Packet Secretary (or elsewhere) and then mounting their stamps and pricing clearly as indicated in the Circulating Packet Rules. 


We charge 10% Commission on actual sales plus 1% of the book value (selling price).

Provided they become a member of the Society, anyone in the UK may sell through our packet.

Click here to see a copy of the Circulating Packet Rules.